2 x NMB Bearings 608ZZ Full Precision



2 x NMB Bearings 608ZZ Full Precision

2 x NMB Bearings 608ZZ Full Precision. Quality precision bearings, smooth running, zero tolerance, these bearings are very fast and at a great price.

These Bearings are manufactured with metal shields inserted into the outer raceway, these fit in closely to the inner race providing protection against damage, some protection against the ingress of moisture, dust and other foreign matter and serve to retain the pre-filled grease in the bearing.
Shields can be easily removed for cleaning that only require 1 shield to be removed.

High quality NMB Bearings 608ZZ Full Precision (NOT ABEC)

supplied in pack of 2

Fitting Instructions

Cool bearings in the fridge before fitting helps them go in easier.

Best way to fit them is to press them in using M6 nut and bolt (axle size) with large washer or old bearing each side.

When placing your bearings into your wheels, make sure that you are fitting them on a flat, and level surface.

If you are going to lightly hammer them in, place an old bearing on the top of your new bearing, to ensure it does not get damaged while you hit it.

Make sure your bearings are going in evenly, and fit as straight as possible to avoid damaging the bearing slot of the wheel, or the actual bearings.

2 x NMB Bearings 608ZZ Full Precision2-x-nmb-bearings-608zz-full-precision

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